Game Strategies - How to Win at Starlight Princess

The game was released in 2021. It quickly became popular due to its bright graphics, simple rules, and high volatility. Players share their impressions of the game on specialized sites and forums. Gamers also talk about winning strategies for games.

Slot developers declare that no methods do not help to win. All slots are tested beforehand. Manufacturers guarantee fair play.

Nevertheless, gamers are confident in the effectiveness of some methods.

For a successful experiment it is necessary to:

  • Apply strategies in the demo version of the casino.
  • For real bets choose the best casinos with good reviews.
  • Pre-set a limit for the game. Stop the game at the end of the funds.
  • Analyze all the bets. Memorize your every move in the game.

Consider the most frequent strategies of the game.

Starlight Princess strategies and tricks - how to win

Parlay System

The player increases the bet when he wins. If he loses, the bet does not change either up or down.

  • The risk of winning a large sum of money increases.
  • The possibility of a big loss is reduced.
  • Nuances:
  • If Starlight Princess has a prize bet, the next one counts in a special way. The amount of prize money is added to the winnings.

The strategy is considered common.

Buffster Strategy

The gamer chooses a bet amount and makes it 5 times in a row. The sixth bet is made for a different amount. The next four bets are made on the same amount.

Thus, every five bets the player changes the bet amount. The procedure is performed until the winning moment. The player starts the whole game algorithm from the initial position.

Giving scheme

The first bet should be as big as possible. So the gamer is trying to cheat the game system. Bets are placed on at least two lines. In total, Starlight Princess has 5 game lines.


  • More often than not, the slot machine immediately gives out a big win to keep the user.

The player has two options:

  • terminate;
  • Continue the game.

The second option involves reducing the bet amount by 2 times. 


  • The gamer observes the game. If during 5 spins there was no winning, it is worth to reduce the bet.

Strategy One Game

The player chooses Starlight Princess slot. Makes the first bet. The money he receives divides into parts. At them and makes further bets. The game ends. When the money from the first winnings are over.


  • Gamer continues the game only in the case of winning the first bet.

The strategy is considered risky.

Deviation strategy

For a session of playing Starlight Princess, the gamer must wait for two bonus rounds. At the same time he writes down all his actions. Then he counts the number of bets between two bonus rounds.

The goal is to calculate the time of the bonus game by mathematical analysis. 

  • The gamer's mathematical analysis sample must consist of 10 sessions between the bonus rounds.

Each player can choose a more suitable strategy for the games.